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The Perry County Airport and Industrial Authority (PCAIA), a municipal authority in Perry County Alabama, solicits sealed proposals for airport management services to be conducted at Vaiden Field (A08) located in Perry County, AL.
The following provides the statement of work PCAIA is seeking.
To provide the following services to the Perry County Airport and Industrial Authority regarding the operation and maintenance of Vaiden Field Airport.
- Qualified personnel and equipment necessary to perform transient aircraft service from 0800-1700 local, seven days per week. Such services to include:
• Aircraft fueling in accordance with current FAA regulations.
• Lubrication products and services.
• Aircraft marshalling and parking.
• UNICOM and Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) flight monitoring for local air traffic and advisories.
• Standard FBO support, to include restrooms, pilot lounge with online access, and vending machines.
• Ramp parking and tie-down with towing equipment to safely move aircraft.
• Removal of disabled aircraft from operational areas.
- Provision of comprehensive fuel management services to include management of fuel farm and fuel transactions.
- Collection of General Aviation landing fees, hangar rent, airfield use fees, and fire operation fuel flowage fee. (if applicable).
- Aircraft maintenance and repair services at least five days per week for some portion of the regular 0800-1700 operating hours, to include:
• Airframe, engine repair and maintenance performed by a certified airframe and power plant mechanic.
• Certified personnel, tools, and equipment necessary to perform General Aviation aircraft maintenance and repair, according to FAA regulations.
• If possible, FAA 145 Repair Station authorization.
- Airfield management and maintenance, to include:
•Basic airfield security, to include:
+ Nighttime minimal security overwatch of leased areas and airport parking area.
+ Monitoring of main gate traffic during operating hours.
+ Runway, taxiway, and ramp upkeep, to include:
+ Painted markings, e.g., runway numbers, threshold, and taxi lines.
+ Standard FAA approved runway and ramp signage.
+ Runway and taxiway lighting.
• Management of hangars, to include:
+ Buildouts
+ Rentals
+ Repairs and painting
+ Tenant management
• Assist in drafting and submitting applications for federal and state grants for airport improvements.
• Assist in marketing Vaiden Field
+ Social Media
+ Signage
+ Aviation websites
+ Logo and branding.
Choice of proposal will be based upon the experience, best fit and financial terms.
Terms considered:
- Fuel per gallon flowage fee
- Revenue fee as a % of revenue per month
Proposals must be received by 1 April 2023 at 4pm. Proposals will be opened on 1 April at 5pm in the Marion Arts Center, 314 Washington Street, Marion AL 36756.
Proposals will be mailed to:
Perry County Airport and Industrial Authority
P.O. Box 666
Marion, AL 36756
Questions can be emailed to:
Ed Passmore:

Selma Times-Journal:
Mar. 11, 18, 25 and Apr. 1, 2023